Thesis: Nepal Tourism

Sample Thesis Paper

‘A destination is a geographical space in which a cluster of tourism resources exist, rather than a political boundary (Pike, 2008)’. A cluster includes an assemblage of tourist resources and fascinations, infrastructures, apparatus, facility suppliers, other supporting sectors and governmental body whose incorporated and synchronized activities stipulate consumers with the proficiencies they anticipated from the destination they chose to visit (Pike, 2008). The definition explains the components that are needed to make a destination, which already exists in Nepal.  Nepal is enriched in resources; tourist attraction places, facility of transportations and support of governmental body (e.g. Nepal Tourism Board and Ministry of Tourism). Nepal tourism has also been attracting visitors every year from across the globe. Nepal is a small country with geographical diversity, several tourist destinations, and tourist activities that exist in country, which indubitably makes Nepal a tourist destination. The topography of plain, valleys, hills, the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest and vast cultural diversity, tourist activities like trekking and mountaineering which has growing number of visitors every year from 375,398 in 2005 to 602,855 in 2010 (NTB, 2011) specifies Nepal as one of the potential tourist destinations in the world.

Despite having major components, which a tourist destination requires, Tourism in Nepal has not been flourished much. The political conflict has however partially affected tourism in Nepal; the dearth of adequate Marketing Nepal Tourism is the one major issue that slowed down the speed in growth of Nepal Tourism. Privation in strategic planning and lack of competitive advantages compare to its rival is another key factor to affect tourism growth in Nepal.

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