Thesis: Nic’s Addiction to Drugs

Nic’s addiction to drugs soon becomes a vicious cycle. He loses his home and friends, gets into a codependent relationship with a female drug user like Lauren and Zelna, together they engage in reckless drug use and sex to a life threatening point, he decides to end the relationship and seek help by checking into a rehab but falls back into the pit.

He also steals from his parents, friends, the rehab centre to get money for the drugs. When this does not work, he sells his body to gay men, on the street in return for money. It takes seeing Lauren almost die of an overdose, getting a nasty infection from an unsterilized needle that almost costs him his life and four  failed attempts at seeking rehabilitation before he finally commits to the program the fifth time. He is diagnosed with addiction and a mental illness called bipolar disorder.

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