Thesis: Nuances of communication

Sample Thesis Paper

Baker (2007) considered the nature of translation in conflict environments by specifically looking at translations between English and Arabic in terms of the “War on Terror.”  Noting that narrative is a critical aspect of communication and that the stories we tell ourselves and others distinctly shape our perceptions, the researcher stated that she was particularly interested in “the interplay of dominance and resistance” in translators’ work in a conflict environment as it relates to the “intricate patterns of interplay between repeated, stable patterns of behavior and the continuous attempts at subverting that behavior,” (Baker, 2007, p. 152).  Given the various nuances of communication and the interpreter’s role of sorting these nuances and making a determination about how to most effectively convey a message that may defy literal translation due to intercultural noise, the interpreter brings a range of skills to bear on the task of translating.  Paralanguage elements such as intonation or typography and linguistic features such as code switches, tense shifts and employment of symbolic language, for instance, can allow a translator to substantively frame a message when translating from the source language to the target language.  Baker stated that “narrativity” elements of relationship, temporal placement, and purposeful appropriation can also be employed to frame a message (Baker, 2005).

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