Thesis: Nursing errors

Sample Thesis Paper

The patient had agreed to take part in a randomized controlled study of prophylactic anticoagulation comparing the efficiency of warfarin to a new form of heparin. All patients awaiting hip replacement surgery was administered an anticoagulant. Due to a nursing error, he didn’t receive the medication. The lawsuit alleged that this was the third time a patient failed to receive an anticoagulant because of a nursing error and that the hospital had taken no action to rectify the situation.

A week after having surgery on his left hip, the patient had surgery on his right hip. The only anticoagulant he received was aspirin. A venogram performed after the surgery revealed clots in several deep veins below the left knee. He received no treatment, and no studies were ordered for the right leg. The day before discharge, a nurse had noted swelling in his right ankle. His attending physician didn’t see him before discharge, and no anticoagulant was ordered.

After discharge, the patient complained to his physician of increased leg pain. The patient died 2 days later, and an autopsy revealed bilateral pulmonary emboli. A section of the right popliteal fossa showed residual thrombus, and the right lower leg clot caused the embolism. The jury found the physician not liable but decided against the hospital.

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