Thesis: Obama’s Surge Plan

Sample Thesis Paper

The patriot act allowed The United States of America to gain access to a range of new dimensions through which terrorism could be fought. Under the same framework of which the Patriot Act is a part, the recently appointed administration has devised a plan to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan. Termed as Obama’s Surge Plan by numerous sources, this plan incorporates sending from 10,000 to 12,000 troops to Afghanistan during the course of this year. This plan has been welcomed by various social groups while disagreed upon by some.


In light of the above discussion, it would be safe conclude that adopting a fixed policy with the country would be giving way to a potential hazard in the long run. The turning of tides is natural in all civilizations, but when the affects of evolution of one civilization have direct influences upon the evolution of another, then it is necessary to consider the primary evolving civilization as one of the prime factors that determine a standing in the future. Afghanistan is a country that has welcomed assistance from both sides of the fence from time to time, it is therefore necessary to provide assistance and support when called upon, but to cautiously ensure that ties do not deepen to a point where the Obama administration finds itself pinned down under obligations as the Soviets did when they intervened in the Afghan civil war.

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