Thesis: Obesity in America

Sample Thesis Paper

In the developed world, the United States of America has a reputation of being not only a forward thinking nation, but also one which caters to the rights and needs of its citizens. However, the increasingly fast paced lifestyle of its citizens; along with an over abundance of cheap fatty foods has created a society which is morbidly obese. This problem is an epidemic, an epidemic which is growing at an alarming rate, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention the rate of obesity in adults has increased by 60% for the past twenty years and has tripled in children for the past thirty years.

According to these statistics 33% of Americans are now obese with more than 300,000 individuals dying every year from obesity related causes. This number is second only to tobacco. So the question becomes how did it come to this? One of the main culprits indentified is the American cultural preference towards fast foods and fast food restaurants in deference to healthier home cooked meals. These fast food meals are made and sold cheaply due to their mass manufacture and processed nature. Their low cost has been supplemented by heavy advertisements, which are geared towards children eating these high sugar, high calorie meals. It’s these trends which are one of the main reasons for the ever increasing problem of obesity in the United States and the various diseases and complications associated with them (Healthy’s Inc). This topic will focus on a possible solution to the Obesity problem as well as providing alternate solutions.

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