Thesis: Obesity In Evolutionary Links

Sample Thesis Paper

One cannot argue that the adaptive nature of our physiology has further conditioned us to store fats in our bodies – as a source of energy – to meet the energy requirements of our brains and as a precaution against possible non-availability of food in the near-future.Pointing out that among mammals, after hooded seals, human beings have the highest percentage of body fat at the time of their birth, the writers wonder if these fat deposits allow human infants to meet the immediate energy demands placed on their bodies by their relatively large and well-developed brains. (Power & Schulkin, 2009)

The book also successfully highlights the social aspect of the problem.  In the last two hundred years, our world has changed significantly with the advent of the industrial revolution, mechanized farming, faster and efficient modes of transportation, and, more recently, the information technology revolution.  All these have contributed to a more sedentary lifestyle and a certain degree of food security with ready access to our food-packed supermarket shelves, but are these solely responsible for where we find ourselves today?  The writers seem to believe so.  Terming our modern-day world as an “obesogenic environment,” the writers believe that there is a definite degree of mismatch between our evolutionary predispositions and the various socioeconomic developments that we, as a species, have experienced in the last two hundred years. (Power & Schulkin, 2009)

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