Thesis: Obesity in the United States

Sample Thesis Paper

In 2004, the CDC described obesity as America’s single biggest health risk, stating that an estimated 400,000 people are now dying almost every year as a result of obesity-related disorders.  Commenting on the report, The Times went on to note that almost two-third of the American population – more than 190 million people – is now officially classified as being overweight with almost half of them suffering from obesity.

It went on to note that the changes in our dietary behaviors over the last three decades have even had a drastic effect on the health of our “pudgy” pets with nearly 25% of the nation’s cats and dogs being heavier than they should be.  (Lemonick, 2004)

Significance of exploring this question lies in the fact that obesity has been one of the most important health issues in United States and it needs to be assessed for its related problems in subjects.  In order to elaborate the significance, it may be a good idea to differentiate between the two terms, obese and overweight, which are popularly thought of as the same.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) uses body mass index, commonly referred to as BMI, to determine how much a person should weigh with respect to his or her height.  It, therefore, describes the term being overweight as one weighing 10%-24% more than one’s recommended BMI. 

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