Thesis: Obesity In The United States

Sample Thesis Paper

Both the evolutionary approach to and the sociopolitical view of the problem have one common factor:  Our dietary behavior.  If it is our personal responsibility alone to moderate our lifestyle, then the majority of us have been taking the easy way out.  We need to critically re-examine our dietary behaviors, as well as our attitudes and cultural preconceptions surrounding weight gain, to strike a more balanced approach towards this problem.

However, as highlighted above, effective legislative policies and administrative actions are perhaps most urgently required now to ensure that we have more and cheaper access to healthy food options. 

A good case in this point is tobacco taxation.  Many experts have now been arguing for a number of years that if tobacco taxation could help us control our growing addiction to smoking, then could the same fiscal approach be successfully adopted to moderate our dietary intakes in the form of high-caloric foods and beverages?   While such measures will undoubtedly affect certain powerful segments of the food industry, they will eventually encourage production and promotion of healthy food options.  We will need to understand that we are not abandoning American farmers to market forces, but encouraging them to grow a more diversified and healthy range of products.  Similarly, such measures will not entail en masse closure of fast food ventures, but will encourage a new breed of entrepreneurs. 

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