Thesis: The Right to Observe Legitimacy of the Government

Sample Thesis Paper

One such man John Locke believed that individuality as concept breed anarchy in the state and the control of government was essential to the rule of law and to protect the rights of its citizens and their freedoms. Differing from Aristotle’s viewpoint Locke believed that though a government was necessary it should wielded and used under the consent of the people and maintain peace and prosperity at all cost.

He believed that violence was a means of enslavement of the defending party no matter what the reason behind it and that the only way to deal with such violence was to be a pacifist. He says that people have the right to observe the legitimacy of any government they chose. However, his belief also extends to day that certain factions such as religious fanatics and atheists should not be given the same freedoms as other citizens. He says that we should see the rule of a governing body without prejudice and not according to the prevailing situation (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

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