Thesis: Obtaining Competitive Advantage with Sponsorship

Sample Thesis Paper

Fahy (2004) reports that sponsorship, advertising and resource management should be regarded as a part of the organisation strategic management to gain a competitive advantage. Marketing communication and sponsorship provides a very good tool for an organisation to increase its profile and publicity. Nike built a strong relation with Jordan to create a very successful line of sports shoes. When the role of strategic sponsorship must be considered, there are two levels of the competitive advantage.
First, the advantage is reached in the competitive market for sponsorship where sponsors have to rise above the efforts of rivals and other advertisers who want to dominate the process. Secondly, there is the issue of using competitive advantage for product markets. Sponsorship provides a competitive advantage if it provides value or enables the creation of value for customers.
The gap in the literature is that the manner and modality of obtaining competitive advantage is not clear. Firms have to consider in advance if the sponsorship can give them a competitive advantage.

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