Thesis: Older Nurses do not have the Relevant Knowledge

However, it has been observed that older nurses do not have the relevant knowledge required to enable them work effectively with the new technology. Conversely, younger nurses, though being in a better position to understand the technology, lack the necessary skills needed for their job. This situation has created a need for additional education that will equip both groups adequately for their work. It is for this reason that the lesson plan is written.

In order to help both groups of nurses, the lesson plan has objectives for the classes that will be conducted for these students. The objectives are based on Benjamin Bloom’s three domains of learning. The lesson plan encompasses instructional methods that will be used for each objective. In addition, it also has the rationale for choosing the particular instructional method. It will also allocate time for each method. In addition, the lesson plan will factor in a learning theory that is relevant to the topic and the intended audience. Finally, it will propose a method of evaluating the success of the program and the teaching.

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