Thesis: Online Business- eBay

Sample Thesis Paper

One such online business is that of eBay which provides retail auction based services to its customers. The company was the pioneer in the business category of online auctions and has a dominant market share in the market which is incrementally in volume and size.

The eBay business was formed as a facilitation providing site, however the lack of the services as provided by eBay in the market and the focus on increasing customer base in the initial launch phase resulted in the company operating in a diversified market, providing diverse products and services as well s leading to generation of new business online. The eBay values its quality and service standards and has kept hits performance and service standards high in order to attain and maintain the leadership position it enjoys in the market as well as create the brand name of eBay such that it has become the first choice of the customers when it comes to placing an item for auction or looking for something in a competitive marketplace online. “A third part firm, Auction Watch rates top auction sites on five dimensions: inventory, bidding, services/ fees, support, functionality, and community. eBay gets high marks on all dimensions, and is the only company to score four on the community dimension.” (eBay – A Business History) This clearly points out how the eBay Company has been using the service quality as a metric for the assessment of its performance and increasing the satisfaction level of the customers.

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