Thesis: Opportunities for New Product Development

Sample Thesis Paper

Cheverton (2008) indicates that the avenues for clientele expansion will always vary around the world. As such, a company like Tesco may be penetrating the market at one place while expanding in another. To develop new products, a company has to analyze the customer needs so as to satisfy the exact need.

Hill and Dowle (2003) argue that Tesco can accomplish this by optimizing for success. In essence, NPD would involve higher production rate, a larger market share and extended distribution. To achieve this, there needs to be little or no underperformance at all levels.  Performance can be enhanced by altering the market mix, modifying the product or raising the levels of trial. The focus for all these should be customer satisfaction. Hill and Dowle (2003) further explore why Tesco has more chances for new product development. First, the company has a wide customer base, going to the tune of ten million. This is large enough to analyze for new ideas on what product maybe needed. There are also close ties between Tesco and its customers, and therefore it would be easy to reach them for ideas.

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