Thesis: Oracle Business Indicators

Sample Thesis Paper

The Oracle Business Indicator is an iPhone application that was developed by Oracles and was released in 2008. The application allows managers to carry out information based functioning by taking advantage of Oracle’s expansive analyses available in Oracle Business Indicator (Penner, 2008). The application fundamentally serves to provide analytical data along with statistical inferences derived from the same. The application allows the user to establish the nature of the metrics that are preferred and also allows them to establish the exact nature of data that they prefer to view so that Oracle Business Indicators can provide it to them.

The essence of the application lies in the fact that it serves to provide the user with up-to-date and relevant information on financial trends. By making use of the Oracles Business Indicators iPhone applications, a user can identify an industry partner’s standing and can also establish a clear picture of the viability of a supplier or the practicality of a bid. Information can also be used to draw conclusions on customer satisfaction and sales performance issues (Penner, 2008). The information provided is not only one that pertains to the industry but can also be localized such that continuous and consistent monitoring of the performance of the organization can be maintained.

For instance, if the application was to be brought into use in a setting where an executive in an inbound call centre has to travel extensively and leave others in charge, the Oracle Business Indicator’s iPhone application will allow the executive to receive accurate information on the time being spent per call, the call influx rates and other factors that may affect performance (Penner, 2008). Similarly, employees in managerial positions can assess whether or not production volumes will develop to become compatible with growing market demands.

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