Thesis: Organization Wide Change

Sample Thesis Paper

In a more direct perspective, the participant was asked whether or not change in an academic institution was one that should be brought about through the establishment of the final outcome or through the determination of procedure required to bring about the change. The participants were also asked to identify the areas upon which the implications of change in the scenario of an academic institute are most profound upon. The participants were given the option to choose more than one area of the academic institute in answer to this question and were also given the option to identify any other area that they considered imperative but did not find in the list provided.

The question to follow in the survey questionnaire was one that sought to inquire upon the exact level of Maslow’s Hierarchy upon which the participants felt the most threatened in the case of the implementation of a change in the academic institute.

All the questions up till now had been of a multiple-choice and close-ended nature, however the last few questions in the survey questionnaire were ones that were purely descriptive and in which the participants were given completely liberty to express their opinions in answer to the questions. The first question in this regard was one that inquired upon the problems and difficulties that are brought forth in the event of an organization-wide change. The subsequent question was one that inquired upon the benefits of an organization wide change in the academic institution in question.

The last two questions were ones that were relatively more personalized than previous questions asked in the survey questionnaire. The participants were asked to express upon the issues and concerns that they have with regard to organization-wide change in their academic institution. The survey questionnaire came to its conclusion by inquiring upon the direction in which the survey participants tend to go in the event that they face issues or problems during the implementation of the change process.

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