Thesis: Organizational Barriers in International Expansion

Sample Thesis Paper

In cases involving international expansions, it is common to come across cases where expanding business are found struggling to ensure that their policies and values are followed in the target expansion region. This is an organizational challenge that organizations frequently face when they are going through the expansion process on account of the numerous variables that the business is exposed to for the first time (Stahl and Björkman 2006). What makes this scenario complicated is the fact that organizations have to maintain a balance between their traditional internal values and their desire to benefit from the international expansion.

Internal issues play a vital role in the expansion of an organization in cases of international expansion. Generally, there is a need to understand that the hierarchy shall have to be trained adequately about the international expansion so that personnel can expect inputs from their counterparts in the expanded areas of the organization (Stahl and Björkman 2006). The implications of international expansion on internal issues can be observed in its most apparent form in the upper levels of the hierarchy where senior managers have to adjust to the target region and have to understand the need to customize their management approaches to the same.

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