Thesis: Organizational Barriers for Tesco in US Market

Sample Thesis Paper

The responses collected and their subsequent analysis revealed that Tesco is a giant in the food retail industry and its strength to open up a vast chain of stores can have influences on the degree of access that low income consumers have towards fresh food. Also, the opening of such a large chain of stores can also be expected to have implications on job wages amongst employees in the grocery industry. The responses also clarified that Tesco has chosen to give no room to unions in its expansion into the US.

Tesco has chosen to take on a somewhat opposing approach towards issues relating to management with regard to human resource. There is a good chance that Tesco will face extensive political and regulatory opposition from worker unions and similar agencies on account of these strategies. Respondents also identified that threat such as these could cause the development of negative sentiment amongst Tesco’s consumer base in the US and may hurt its revenues.

Some workers identified that Tesco has chosen to adopt a strategy towards human resource issues that is similar to that which Wal-Mart has been using in the US for years now. This particular strategy gives little to no room or relevance to labor unions. In this regard, it is evident that Tesco’s approach to human resource issues is considerably different in the case of the US from what it has remained in the UK for many years.

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