Thesis: The Organizational Structure of Johnson Arabia

Sample Thesis Paper

At Johnson customer satisfaction is priceless and it strives to provide its customers value added lifting solutions which are aligned with safety, maintenance, availability, reliability and cost effectiveness. Johnson Arabia vision is to be the best and leading lifting solutions service provider and keeping in mind their progress it’s not far away.

The organizational structure for Johnson Arabia is one that follows a relatively simple hierarchical. The structure starts from the General Manager of the company, and branches out to the Finance and Administration Director. The Finance and Administration Directors although on a broader level, hold the same relevance as the heads of sales and operation departments for Cranes and Access Work Platforms. It is imperative to highlight that each of the Crane and Access Work Platform areas comprises of a Sales and Operations department of its own. The operations departments for Cranes then branches out further into the Workshop department and the Operators division for Cranes while the Operations department branches into the Workshop Department for Access Work Platforms.

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