Thesis: Why Organizations Engage in Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

In order to further decrease ambiguity, the paper will refer to the party engaging in the outsourcing process as the company or the organization while the provider of the outsourcing services shall be referred to as the outsourcing agent.

Outsourcing allows organizations to engage in re-engineering activities. It enables them to step back from their current modus operandi and to observe the manner in which they are running their processes in an attempt to critically evaluate the current degree of productivity that they are providing in comparison to the potential productivity that they can function with if the processes were to be reinvented from scratch with new structures (Rebernik & Bradac, 2006). However, it is imperative to note that Outsourcing in itself should not be considered to be the process of re-engineering but is only a part of the actual re-engineering processes.

Outsourcing spans three distinct dimensions. The first dimension is the cases when a company performs outsourcing in an attempt to have an external vendor perform an in-house function. The second dimension is the transferring of the performance of a continuous and repetitive function to an outside vendor (Embleton & Wright, 1998). Lastly, the third is the case in which an outsourcing agent is paid to partially or completely carry out an otherwise internal function.

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