Thesis: Organized crime in South Africa

Sample Thesis Paper

A relatively new pattern of crime has been gaining momentum. Organized crime gets nurtured in times of political and social turmoil and instability this is the reason why the early 90s proved to be a popular environment for its growth.

“Public attention has been focused on more visible areas of criminality, and the South African Police Service only recently began to counter the problem. Organized crime has grown dramatically since the transition to democracy in the country in 1990s.” Shaw, M, (1998).

It is important that before these gangs grow any further and bring havoc to the country, a national policing strategy should be put in place to bring the situation under control.

After the general elections of 1994, the new government brought about policy changes which encouraged coexistence among races and a uniform and equal education standard for each citizen of the country irrespective of color or race. Black Africans were encouraged to enroll their children in schools and get education of which they were deliberately deprived during the apartheid era.

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