Thesis: Origins and Role of Human Resource Management

Sample Thesis Paper

The concept of human resource management “emerged in the 1980s, in the times of Thatcherism and Reaganomics” (Koster, 2002). It was regarded as the field of managing the human resource at the company with a more strategic approach and a broader scope. Since its inception in the 80s however the human resource management approach has developed various niche based features that pertain to organizational management which includes managing the functions of the organization and providing them with the human resource support, personnel administration and personnel management that involves the administration aspects of the traditional personal management approach, manpower management and industrial management.

The theoretical proposition that is put forward by human resource management pertains to treating the employees in the organization as individuals that have varying and diverse objectives and requirements as a result they need to be assigned to jobs according to their objectives and abilities while encouraging organizational learning and development of the humans resource at the organization. Taking this into account the human resource management practitioner in a human resource based organization needs to take an innovative view and perspective of the company for workplace management. The practitioner should take practical steps to get to know the employees, take feedback from them pertaining to any issues that they might be facing or recommendations that they can provide to the management. This feedback can then be incorporated in human resource management function at the company to facilitate appropriate recruitment, selection, orientation, training motivational, compensation/ remuneration career development as well as the succession planning activities for the organization.

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