Thesis: Outlook on Leukemia

Sample Thesis Paper

The outlook is much better in children as when compared to adults. Patients can remain in remission for up to five years with a survival rate of 85%. While in CML the patient has to remain on the drug in order to continue being in remission. Sites of relapse include bone marrow, CNS and testes. There is poor prognosis for children below 1 year and above 10 years of age, massive increase in organ size, remission not achieved within 14 to 28 days, MLL gene rearrangement and the presence of the Philadelphia gene (Casciato & Territo, 2008).

Design a realistic clinical vignette

A 10 year old Caucasian female of relatively normal health noticed bruising on her left arm 2 days ago. She recalled no trauma to the area and her parents brought her to a local general practitioner for examination. The patient had a low grade fever, was fatigued and complained of joint pain. On abdominal examination the abdomen was not tender. There was bruising on the left hypochrondrium. Spleen and liver were enlarged with a liver span of 15 cm. Prothrombin time was found to be 30 seconds. There is no family history of heart disease, diabetes or any genetic disorders. According to the attendant the mother had a history of smoking and alcohol abuse during pregnancy. A complete blood count and liver function test was ordered.

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