Thesis: Need for Outsourcing Agent to address Core Competencies

Sample Thesis Paper

When selecting the outsourcing agent, it is essential to ensure that the outsourcing agent adequately addresses the needs of the core competency of the business operation in question. A common mistake made in this regard is to search for the outsourcing agent that allows the company to outsource the maximum number of its operations (Lankford & Parsa, 1999).
The demands of modern day business are extremely sensitive in this regard and this idea has become unsuitable for the same reason. Modern day business demands the singling out of core competency of the business; the outsourcing of which can be expected to be productive for multiple areas of the business operation.
It is important to evaluate the outsourcing agent on the length of commitment that it is willing to provide to the company. Certain outsourcing agents are only willing to engage in project-based contracts in which they serve their purpose only from one project to another. All contracts with such outsourcing agents are therefore limited to projects and the business relationships come to an end once the projects have been completed (Rebernik & Bradac, 2006). In contrast, outsourcing agents are contracted for much longer periods and they are obligated to provide continuous services to the company. Outsourcing can take place in the same city, or in another region, state or country altogether. In such cases, it is more specifically referred to as Offshore Outsourcing.

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