Thesis: Outsourcing HR

Sample Thesis Paper

Human resources manager plays a crucial role for survival of firms; outsourcing is a new strategy that has brought about a number of positive impacts on the human resources services. Research has revealed that outsourcing brings about of a firms core values because the designated firm to outsource the human capital is given the precise details of the best candidate to recruit for a certain post.The contracts offers a better means to evaluate performance/ productivity and fewer resources are used to train the candidate. Outsourcing is a good strategy that changes some overhead costs to business activities that produce profit for a firm. There is a major impact on the internal human resources than many individuals anticipate.

The internal human resources services are greatly affected positively since many workers outsourced come with new concepts that are a major input to the existing workforce. More so, an outsourced workers comes in play with a clear understanding of the expectation since job appraisal results determines the future of the employee. The outsourcing firm benefits from this strategy in the human resources leadership development. The key competencies are focused on and the human resource managers that outsource have reported better results from the outsourced employees in terms of speed and performance. Among the best firms that are employed to outsource employees in various positions, include Hewitt among others. These consulting firms have a better understanding of a number of industries and firms hence they offer employees than recruiting from within a firm. A consulting firm may be outsourced for client services or operation services. It is imperative to note that not all the internal talents should be outsourced. The problem brought about by outsourcing all the talent is that the talents outsourced do not understand about the organization culture and coordination of functions may be complicated.

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