Thesis: Outsourcing of Information Technology

Sample Thesis Paper

Once the industrial revolution had passed, firms began to direct their attention towards methods that they could use to expand their competitive advantage in order to increase their markets and in turn their profits. Extensive integration was once considered to be a surefire formula for success became the center of criticism (Halvey & Melby Information technology outsourcing transactions: process, strategies, and contracts 2005).  By the middle of the twentieth century, firms began to realize the significance of economies of scale and the benefit that they could yield. Multiple layer management took on a form more concrete than it had ever been in as organizations began to make plans to begin outsourcing.

The objective of this research study is to establish a sound knowledge of the practices that pertain to the planning phases of the outsourcing of Information Technology. This research study will serve to single out the trends that have come to pass and that can be expected to come forth by a thorough analysis of the previously performed research and the present methodologies that are perceived.

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