Thesis: Outsourcing Production of Ready-for-Assembly Parts

Sample Thesis Paper

Outsourcing Production of Ready-for-Assembly Parts: Challenges in Process Timing & Outsourcing Agent Selection

Introduction to Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a commonly found business concept across small and medium organization as well as in large scale organizations. It not only allows organizations to carry out cost saving but also allows them to reduce expenditure of time and resources.

The purpose of this paper is to shed light on two particular aspects of the issues that pertain to the implementation of Outsourcing. The first issue that the paper shall be discussing is the establishment of the right time to opt for Outsourcing while the second issue that the paper will be discussing will be that of the selection of the appropriate Outsourcing agent for the purpose of the operation. Furthermore, in order to give the paper a more precise outlook towards the subject selected, the paper will consider these two issues in the pretext of the assembly line in a helicopter manufacturing company. This company chooses to outsource the production of numerous parts of its helicopters and engages in only the assembly of the parts. Nearly seventy percent of each part is outsourced at the current time. This paper will take on a critical look and decide, in terms of retrospect, whether the company’s decision to engage in outsourcing was one that is adequate.

In order to do so, the paper will attempt to single out areas of concern that should be considered when evaluating the subject organization to decide whether or not to engage in outsourcing. The paper will also attempt to present a set of characteristics and areas that should be considered when evaluating outsourcing agents to decide which exact outsourcing agent should be selected for the purpose of the outsourcing operation.

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