Thesis: Overcoming Domestic Violence

Sample Thesis Paper

There are numerous factors that have to be considered when shedding light on and delving into the incidence of domestic violence. It is imperative to understand and acknowledge the fact that domestic violence is not always carried out by men on their wives but can be observed to exist in the opposite manner (Lockton & Ward, 1997).

Domestic violence can also be observed in homosexual relationships. Generally cases of domestic violence conclude in the termination of the relationship, however, some couples choose to take on an alternate approach in which they mutually recognize the hazard of domestic violence and work to eliminate it from their relationship. This can be brought about by sitting down and realizing the possibility that a spouse or partner may turn violent on grounds of a tendency to do so and that if such an event occurs that can lead to the triggering of the violence, the partners seek to stop communication for a limited period of time that can range from a few minutes to a few hours (Summers & Hoffman, 2002). However, it is just as imperative to note that this technique and other techniques such as this cannot be expected to completely eradicate the issue of domestic violence but these techniques do serve as a tool that can be used to develop communication procedures and overcome communication barriers in the relationship.

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