Thesis: Overthrow of the Taliban and Sharia Law

Sample Thesis Paper

While the overthrow of the Taliban and Sharia Law has produced more gender-friendly policies under the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the effects of a strong patriarchal culture continue to shape Afghan women’s experience (Amiri, Hunt & Sova, 2004; Islam, 2007). This influence is noted later in this chapter in the consideration of Afghan girls and the educational system.

Urban Versus City Life

The most recent CIA estimate locates approximately 24% of Afghanistan’s population in its urban areas and projected a rate of urban increase at just under 5.5% between 2005 and 2010 (CIA Factbook, 2009). Approximately three million of these urban Afghans reside in the capital city of Kabul (Schutte, 2006). The majority of Afghans live in rural communities in which tribal systems continue to exert influence over the security and cultural values of the people (Ayub & Kuovo, 2008). Wardak (2004) and Schutte observed that ethnic/tribal affiliations are much weaker in Afghanistan’s urban centers where work, inter-marriages, and shared cultural, social and religious activities encourage a more comprehensive and accommodating sense of Afghan identity.

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