Thesis: Palliative Care within Nursing Organizations

Sample Thesis Paper

Yet another study provided consideration to professional perspectives of nurses stationed in oncology providing palliative care to their patients. The study found that it was due to these different perspectives that different levels of palliative care were provided to patients. These different levels of care in turn would lead to delayed implementation, confusion within the responsibilities and a disparity in the level of care provided for patients and their families. It also found that the proper implementation of such palliative care within nursing organizations can aid in the improvement of nursing development and function. It would also bring about a marked improvement in the implementation of the five main nursing roles of teaching, caring and co-coordinating, advocating and mobilizing (Pavlish & Ceronsky, 2009).

There have also been surveys conducted regarding the use of Contemporary and alternative medications by individuals with multiple sclerosis. Research studies have found that 36 of a 100 individuals with the disease employed the use of homeopathy and herbs. While 23 percent of these individuals who used such therapies said they received referrals from licensed medical practitioners. The main driving force behind the reason for use of these therapies was centered upon the need to employ the use of holistic medication and the growing non compliance with the use of traditional medicine. Another survey of individuals with peripheral neuropathies and spinal cord injuries found that 40% of them used acupuncture as an alternative therapy and found them beneficial (Newton & Fowler, 2006).

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