Thesis Paper: Corporate social responsibility in the UK economy

Sample Thesis Paper

The UK, being an established and rapidly evolving market, is one that was able to exercise CSR principles almost instantly. The advent of CSR caused the spurring of an expansive magnitude of research and corporate bodies across the UK began to invest and engage actively in CSR activities. It is for the same reason that UK now represents an economy that has matured in its CSR implementation and the perceptions held by consumers with regard to the CSR policies and strategies of commercial organizations have undergone a similar level of evolution. In this regard, the UK can be considered to be an excellent representation of a developed consumer market.

The UK market can be observed to be engaged in all forms of Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Corporate Social Responsibility in the UK is of the kind where the government not only encourages organizations to engage in it but also encourages them to ensure that all the members of the value chain of an organization are fully aware of the measures being taken by the organization. Publicity is an essential component of Corporate Social Responsibility in the UK since organizations in the UK generally choose to operate on broad levels of operations. They actively engage in measures through which they can reflect an image that is positive and devoid of the cold and crude corporate functions that commercial organizations are sometimes known for. In light of these facts, it would be reasonable to surmise that while Corporate Social Responsibility is highly active and is becoming increasingly populated in a developed economy such as that of the UK, the level of activity and measures being taken in emerging economies such as Qatar are from their counterparts in the UK.

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