Thesis Paper: Cuban Revolution

Sample Thesis Paper

As a result of the Cuban revolution, it became possible to carry out and establish a development system that would incorporate a level of consistency that could be trusted to yield productive results in the future. It has become safe to assume that Cuba shall experience an increase in stability and this increase in stability shall allow it to improve on numerous aspects of its social infrastructure.

The current standing of the society in Cuba is one that is very different from what it used to be before the revolution. Numerous authors have attempted to pen down the implications of the Cuban revolution on the women of the country but very few have been able to put the reasons of the change in black and white. Margaret Randall however, does a recognizable job in doing so. Margaret Randall’s perception of the modern day women as it comes forth in her book in question can best be surmised through the paragraph in which she puts forth the role and relevance of women as one that has evolved as a reaction to the position that modern day men give to women in society. She states:

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