Thesis Paper: Debenhams Retail Outlets

Sample Thesis Paper

Debenhams is present in an industry in which the competition is becoming aggressive day by day and the fact the Debenhams is losing customers to its competition does not serve to make the presence of this competition any more easier to bear. However, in order to stand its ground, Debenhams shall have to develop retail marketing campaigns that allow it to stand parallel to its competition. Debenhams will not only have to implement the retail marketing strategies that have been discussed in this paper with an aggressive outlook but will also have to make its claim on the position that it rightfully deserves. Debenhams can encourage its designers to write articles that canter on the products that Debenhams has to offer and Debenhams can hold a press-day to invite members of the press to visit Debenhams retail outlets in order to give them a chance to observe the many designs that Debenhams has to offer and to write on them if they please.

However, not all retail marketing techniques revolve around the consumer. Retail marketing takes advantage of all the horizons that it can and an example of this can be seen in the fact that a common retail marketing technique is to arrange after-hours gatherings for the staff and their friends and relatives in order to establish good will and credibility with their prospective consumers and any parties that they are immediately in interaction with during their operations (Gilbert 1999). Marketing techniques such as the distribution of branded merchandise is common at events such as these.

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