Thesis Paper: Distribution of Branded Merchandise

Sample Thesis Paper

As mentioned above, retail marketing techniques frequently involve the distribution of branded merchandise. However, this distribution is not limited to only staff members but is also carried out during events such as town fairs or exhibitions. Specialty products that the consumer or prospective products can be expected to bring into everyday use. This is an instrument that functions much like the toll free phone number mentioned above that is convenient for the consumer to commit to memory.

Other retail marketing techniques include improving the signage that is put up at the building and/or setting up a kiosk right outside the retail outlet in an attempt to target prospective consumers that may pass by. When a consumer shows interest upon the information or samples he/she is provided at the kiosk, he/she can then be referred to the actual retail outside to make a purchase. Similar actions include taking part in charity events and volunteering for the causes of non-profit organizations under the name of the subject brand and making donations of your products and/or services.

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