Thesis: The Patriot Act

Sample Thesis Paper

THESIS: The haste with which this act was established served to give Congress the feeling that it had taken an effective prevention measure; while in reality, they were significantly off target.

INTRODUCTION: The Patriot Act came into existence within two months of the 11 September terrorism attacks. The state was under immense pressure to ensure that such an incident did not occur again. In their attempt to provide security for the American public, they ended up overshooting their focus. The patriot act therefore, is analyzing the terrorism victim instead of the terrorist.

I.                   The Patriot Act is far too secretive for the comfort of the general public (Kranich).
A.                The Patriot Act gives no regard to the rights of privacy and confidentiality.
B.                 The Patriot Act gives itself excessive liberty.
C.                 Years have passed since the passage of the Patriot Act and still very little are known or have been exposed about it (Kranich).
D.                The Patriot Act tends to give security agencies unchecked liberty to monitor civilians (Lecours & Lessard).

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