Thesis: Perceiving Islam and Terrorism

Sample Thesis Paper

It is necessary to highlight at this point that similarities exist amongst numerous religions and that there are just as many similarities as there are differences. There are numerous examples of this phenomenon that can be witnessed through a mild study of religions. For instance, the stance that numerous religions hold towards fornication is quite similar. Where differences may lie in the way different religions choose to punish a sinner for his/her crime, similarities can still be found in the overall trends of discouraging the actions deemed as evil.

Another factor that has to be kept in mind at this point is the approach towards the interpretation of holy verses. One verse can be interpreted to have several meanings when perceived through different approaches. There are numerous examples of this fact that are spread out across the religions of the world. For instance, the interpretation derived from Luke 19:23 and Matthew 25:27 from the New Testament allow interpreters to leave a back door through which several financial institutions can operate without having to face the danger of being challenged by anybody.

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