Thesis: P.E.S.T Analysis of Tesco

Sample Thesis Paper

Political factors: Tesco is an international company operating in different nations of the world. Its performance is therefore directly governed by the legislations of the countries in which it is based. In hiring workers, it has to observe the set rules involved and has to remunerate the workers as per the rates in that country. Above all, it has to fulfill the requirements of the various categories of customers (Balchin, 1994).

Economic factors: the prevailing economic trends will always affect the way a company runs its operations. These have an impact on the quantity demanded, profits, prices and costs of the products. It is quite unfortunate that the company has absolutely no control over these factors whereas they affect the core of the business. As Cripps (2011) observes, such circumstances have forced Tesco to revise its strategies so as to raise standards and boost the sales.

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