Thesis: Five Phases of the Nursing Process

Sample Thesis Paper

The five phases of the nursing process encompass assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and finally evaluation. When we consider assessment of the patient’s condition her history may be considered, along with the physical and psychological assessment. Other data such as records and literature related the patient’s condition may also be considered. This data may be considered in order to allow better treatment of the patient and to advise her of her health requirements if necessary.

The second phase is one of diagnosis. In this the various strengths and weaknesses of the patient may be considered in order to provide credence to any problems. This is essential in order to pre determine any complications which may occur to the mother in the future.

The third phase provides a plan which directly meets the physical and psychological needs of the mother. This may include prevention of debilitating diseases, ensuring psychological stability and providing counselling in case of depression. In order to facilitate the plan a child care specialist may also be at hand to provide reassurance that the child will be taken care off while the mother is recuperating if necessary. The planning may also include room for required future treatments if so required.

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