Thesis: Phishing and Pharming

Sample Thesis Paper

Two terms which are commonly used when describing the risks in internet transactions are phishing and pharming. Phishing is an illegal action where an individual attempts to gain access to a person’s private information such as his username and passwords or his credit card information by acting as a trustworthy entity while communicating with him online.

A once popular way to do this was by e-mail from social networking sites, auction sites, online payment sites or administrators. Today it is usually in the form of fake websites which use current web security methods to achieve their own ends. The second term which is used is known as pharming. Pharming is a term used to describe an attack by a hacker in which he redirects website traffic from the actual website to a bogus one of his choosing. This is a form of phishing which is of course used to gain personal information from the individuals accessing this site. What is most dangerous about these threats is that security measures such as anti-spyware software and ant viruses are ineffective against them and detecting phishing or pharming measures are quite difficult.

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