Thesis: Planning Activities at Rural Payments Agency

Sample Thesis Paper

A proper planning of the task at hand could have led to a more organized project undertaking with better results. “The planning activities that occur early in the project are important in determining the path of evolution” (Puddicombe, 2006). The Rural Payments Agency should also have increased the interactions between the different levels of management of the company.

The increase in the interactions would have led to the management and the technical issues being discussed within the management. A two way communication would have taken place that would have encouraged feedback from the field based operations management pertaining to the issues that they were facings. Aside from this the possible solutions to the arising challenges and problems could also have been generated in-house though the two way communication between the different levels of the management. “To better inform risk managers, risk assessors must also appreciate and present the broader context of the decision, and they must convey how uncertainties and weaknesses in the assessment may influence stakeholder perceptions of risk and the effectiveness of different risk management options” (Thompson & Bloom, 2000) Improvements could also have been made to the approach taken towards program management by applying the Gateways reviews properly to reflect the wider messages contained in the body of the report.

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