Thesis: Planning, organizing, controlling, and leading

Sample Thesis Paper

The process of planning incorporates the establishment of goals and establishing the modus operandi for the achievement of those goals (Lewis, Goodman, Fandt, & Michlitsch, 2007). Planning is vital to the management process since it calls for the justification and simultaneous analysis of the strategy established. Planning also incorporates taking the identification of exploitable opportunities and potential problems.
Organizing is a tactical procedure in which responsibilities are assigned and functions are designated. Teams are organized and team leaders are designated. In the organizing stage, not only are authorities assigned, but limits of authority are also established (Lewis, Goodman, Fandt, & Michlitsch, 2007). The objective behind organization is to ensure that the organizational structure facilitates the achievement of the goals and objectives set out in the planning stage.
The managerial function of leading entails the direction of organizational functions and groups. Leadership calls for a comprehensive and unwavering understanding of the processes involved in the achievement of the objectives established in the planning stage and the organizational culture outlined in the organizing stage (Bateman & Snell, 2009). In order to do so effectively, leadership calls for the ability to influence, motivate, guide and empower employees. The managerial function of leading also incorporates the mobilizing of people in order to bring about the usage of the organization’s resources (Nurmi & Darling, 1997).

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