Thesis: The Political Group ABAKO

Sample Thesis Paper

The political group ABAKO had been gaining momentum and had acquired a position where it was widely supported in the regions of Leopoldville and other areas of lower Congo. Subsequently, the Belgians lost control of lower Congo. When the government attempted to resist the change through curfews on the party’s meetings, riots broke out and arrests were made.
Reconciliatory attempts were made by the government to calm down the Congolese by inducting them into the government system on non-authoritative positions. However, the response from the Congolese overwhelmed the government and further rioting took place as nationalist parties competed aggressively.
Further discourse based attempts at reconciliation with Congolese parties also failed. While the Belgian government sought to acquire time, the Congolese demanded immediate independence. The spring of 1960 was chosen to hold elections that would be followed by the transfer of power. Patrice Lumumba and the Belgian supported Party National du Progress were the two major players in the election. Joseph Kasa-Vubu was appointed to the position of President and Patrice Lumumba was appointed to the position of Prime Minister. The transfer of power took place in June 1960 but was followed by a mutiny from the military towards their European counterparts and superiors (Nzongola-Ntalaja, 2007).

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