Thesis: Political Philosophy

Sample Thesis Paper

Whenever we consider the social nature of a government, i.e. what constitutes a government, what legislations it should pass, what laws it should uphold, what freedoms it should defend as well as what duties its citizens owe to the government and their city or country we refer to this branch of philosophy as political philosophy. This type of philosophy focuses on the basic nature of the political system though it is a more generalized form of the discipline rather than technical.

Socrates and his pupil Plato are one of the first in history to delve into the aspect of political philosophy. Plato’s the republic spoke of Plato’s vision for an ideal state understood that justice was essential to the unity of the population, the relevancy of the political process and his to the benefit of everyone in the state. He said that the divisions in the social structure of a city were more dangerous than any external force. And that gaining peace through the use of force is not preferable to a partnership created through the sharing of mutual interests and understanding (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).

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