Thesis: Political Rights of Women in Rome

Sample Thesis Paper

Women in Rome had no political rights. Men could not vote without owning property and women as a rule were forbidden from voting. Once however the women began to take part in public life they became more concerned with asserting themselves rather than maintaining traditions. At this time Rome became a wealthier nation and thus certain women abandoned their duties and traditions and began seeking new activities. Women worked alongside men as nurses, wet nurses, midwives, dancers, musicians or any service that would cater to the upper class in Roman society (Cross). Prostitution was a profession that existed in more of a moral vacuum in roman society than it does today. Often the lowest classes were forced or sold into the trade or even chose the profession themselves since it was profitable (Cross).

Women also existed as slaves alongside men. However they were never sent to do physically draining tasks such as the gallows or the mines. Rather they were kept in the homes of aristocrats to serve them as concubines. The reputation of a slave was the lowest in roman society. However if the slave did manage to earn enough money then she could buy her own freedom (Pomeroy).

Today it can be clearly seen how western society has evolved from the ideals of the Roman Empire. The rights of women over time have improved greatly than what they were at time. However socially and politically women are still viewed by the same societal conceptions as the Romans. Although there are many radical and free thinkers in society today, much of the female role have been confined to what it always was the daughter, the mother and the wife.

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