Thesis: Political Theory

Sample Thesis Paper


The paper shall be divided into two sections, for the first section, this paper will consider works by Richard Rotry, Rousseau, Martha Nussbaum, Harry Brighouse and Eamonn Callan to respond to the questions given in the assignment instructions. Through these responses, the paper will attempt to illustrate Rousseau’s view of good education, Rotry’s regard for patriotic academia, Callan’s denunciation for sentimental civic education, and Brighouse’s opposition to the teaching of patriotism and Nussbaum’s suggested alternate to patriotic education. In order to do so effectively, the paper will make frequent references to specific sections of these papers.

For the second section, the paper will carry out the exercise pertaining to the fictional country of wonderland. The paper will present the author’s opinion, as developed from the first section of the paper, on why one of three books on the history of wonderland should be made part of the school curriculum.

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