Thesis: Positive Reinforcement

Example of positive reinforcement: To get desired grades in my history class I decided to study during my weekends and everyday in the morning before going to school. After doing this for 2 weeks, I improved by 30% on my next paper. A positive reinforcer serves to increase the likelihood of the response that produces it. Motivating operations are a concept in behaviorism that involves the effectiveness of consequences in operant conditioning like food.

One should not tell the individual with whom he is using reinforcement about the reinforcement program before putting it into effect because the individual may fake the whole process and thus they would not be acting in their normal behavior. A contingent reinforcement is when one receives a bonus for their hard work. A negative contingent reinforcement is when a mother stops complaining and nagging when her child cleans their room. Ten examples of phrases to express enthusiastic approval include; well done, bravo, good work, you deserved it, I am proud of you, that was excellent, you are a genius, keep it up, wonderful job and keep flying that flag up.

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