Thesis: Potential for a Breach in Homeland Security

Sample Thesis Paper

The essence of such scenarios, as is evident from the incident of the B-52, is that the potential for exponential damage is far too expensive to consider the possibility as a potential threat and the scenario has to be realized as a probable cause for widespread damage. Another example can be found in the evacuation of nearly 17,000 residents from Apex, North Carolina in October of 2006 when a Storage Facility located precariously close to a residential area exploded (Kilroy, 2007). While there were no casualties, HAZMAT procedures were followed in light of the fact that the facility housed countless hazardous materials and chemicals. These events may not be externally induced but they held all the potential for a breach in homeland security since most of them caused the disruption of society.

Generally, the evaluation of a scenario to determine the degree to which it poses a threat to homeland security is evaluated on the basis of three criteria (Kilroy, 2007). The first is the vulnerability of the scenario that attempts to evaluate the degree to which the scenario is exposed to risk. An example of such an evaluation for a residential area can be found in the evaluation of whether or not the locality is present near a hazardous waste storage facility.

The second factor for evaluation is the probability of the incidence of an unwanted scenario. The evaluation of this factor generally takes into account the history of the subject scenario for the incidence of disasters and catastrophes (Forest, 2006). For instance, evaluating the probability for a house in South Florida would require taking into account the number of hurricanes that the South Florida area has experienced in the past.

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