Thesis: Poverty as a Leading Factor towards Ill Health

Sample Thesis Paper

“If we were to point to one single factor explaining ill-health in our world today it is poverty. Poverty is the main obstacle to the attainment of health. Poverty leads to ill-health – but it also works the other way – ill-health breeds poverty. Where there is structural poverty and ill-health there will be poor development – poor nutrition, poor health, and poor human rights” (Brundtland).

The provision of proper nutrition is not an element that can be reassured only one the child has developed but in order to ensure its presence, it is imperative that there is a strong presence of adequate nutritional values from the prenatal stages. Unless the presence of proper nutrition in the early stages of birth is ensured, the presence of adequate nutrition enters a cycle of sorts where the absence gives way to it (Kracht & Schulz). For instance, as stated earlier, a child born underweight at birth due to the malnutrition of the mother continues to succumb to immune system weaknesses and can be expected to become ill more frequently than one whose mother was provided with adequate nutrition during the stages of the mother’s pregnancy (Eide & Kracht).

This phenomenon exists because of the fact that malnutrition’s long term implications are those that have effects on gene-nutrient interactions (Duttaroy). The result is that the development of the fetus takes on a form in which the embryonic development is affected and brings the fetus to a form where it becomes susceptible to diseases and illnesses when it reaches the form of an adult. Diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, cardiac diseases and other similar illnesses are experiencing an increase in regions where malnutrition prevails.

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