Thesis: The Power of Class

Sample Thesis Paper

The term Social Inequality became increasingly clear, with this explanation of Weber’s that power issued from the acquisition of wealth. For instance material resources presented limitations, limitations in the sense that all could not achieve it, after all resources are not acquired for free and in this day and age it makes perfect sense, that acquiring an Italian Villa is not an option open to the poor (Grabb, 2006, pp. 78-93). This is what made Weber’s theory so different that he presented in depth material in response to the Interactionists like Durkheim and Marx.

Weber deigned to explain that wealth corresponded with the structural situation of a society; it is wealth that makes the divisions in a chronological order, the poor, middle class and the rich and then the elitists.  For ease in understanding of the material Weber broke it down into three categories Power of Class, Power of Status and Political Power.

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