Thesis: Power of Suppliers of Bestway Cash & Carry

Sample Thesis Paper

Considering the fact that the number of well established and widely available wholesalers in the UK has undergone a slow yet steady increase in the last few years, suppliers have a range of wholesalers to choose from to get their products to the market through. This serves to increase the bargaining power of suppliers. However, a fact that serves to reduce the bargaining of suppliers is that once a consumer becomes accustomed to purchasing a particular product brand from a specific wholesaler, the absence of the product from the shelves of the wholesaler may cause the consumer to switch. This serves to constrict suppliers from switching between wholesale retailers out of fear of losing their consumer base. However, there is another significant factor that merits consideration before the bargaining power of suppliers in the case of a company such as Bestway Cash & Carry can be established.

It is imperative to note that manufacturers have the option to product in bulk and increase their produce’s availability by selling to varying wholesalers at the same time, hence reducing reliability on any one wholesaler and allowing increased accessibility to the consumer wherein the consumer can acquire the same product through any wholesaler and relieving the supplier a position where the supplier’s bargaining power would be decreased. We can therefore concur that the bargaining power of suppliers in the case of Bestway Cash & Carry is high and therefore counts as a factor that Bestway Cash & Carry should consider significant for its survival in the long run.

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